Indie music made from feeling.




oh, and soul too.

can't forget videogame/movie soundtracks.

Okay, that's about it, just go listen.


Self-proclaimed ‘singer/songwriter/sadboi’ John Maddrey brings the music in his head to life, often from the comfort of his bedroom. The 21-year-old indie artist, producer, and engineer builds his discography from the ground up and currently performs in and around Charlotte, NC, notably opening for the band Modern Alibi at the Evening Muse in 2022.

In his teens, John began his journey as a musician by writing lyrics to his first song after a few songwriter friends sparked his interest. Before the song was finished, John started recording and producing it after becoming inspired by self-producing artists such as Jon Bellion. Picking up the basics of DAW usage in a few weeks, John finished his first record in under a month. (the record will not be released as it was, like many artists first songs, very bad).

Later on in his teenage years, after continuing to write songs, John won multiple scholarships to music camps, and began interning at GrindHaus Studios in Charlotte at the age of eighteen, furthering his skills as an engineer and producer. Now John collaborates with local friends and artists, and is finishing up his debut EP.